Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear Janet

I just wanted you to know that I made it safely to my new home. At first I snooped around looking for somewhere to hide & eventually found a bed to hide under. I stayed there the whole night & was very good. My new owner is very kind & I sometimes come out from under the bed & purr A LOT to let her know I like the attention. Sometimes I get extra brave & sneek out into the hall & peek in the other rooms but then I quickly return under the bed, especially if the big guy is around! Thanks for sending my brush because it has felt very good. I still haven't eaten anything becuase I'm too busy exploring my new home. I miss you already & hope you'll come visit me soon. (watch out for the big guy though!)

St. George

We were finally able to get some sun last weekend.
I managed to get a picture of Megan so I had to share it!

Climbing around

Jared was trying to get some neat pictures of the flowers with the Temple in the background. He spent a lot of time doing it so I thought I had better post one of them.

This picture makes me want to go swimming again.The two trouble-makers testing the waters of the Virgin River.

Monday, April 14, 2008

ABC TAG,thanks a lot Diana!

abc tag
A. Attached or Single: FULLYAttached! B. Best Friend: J-man C. Cake or Pie: Pie, not a big fan of cake. Day of Choice: The day any vacation starts! E. Essential Item: Chapstick F. Favorite Color: Blues & Greens & White, & Gray & Somtimes Brown G. Gummy worms or bears: Gummy BearsH. Hometown: Paris IdahoI. Indulgences: Cookies & Fruit, but not together. January or July: July K. Kids: Yes, I'll take two.L. Life is incomplete without: Cats! M. Marriage Date: August 20, 2004N. Number of siblings: 2 brothers and 1 siste rO. Oranges or apples: I eat an apple every day but love ripe oranges.P. Phobias or fears: Car wrecks Q. Quote: Anything quoted from FRIENDS! .R. Reason to smile: It's more fun than frowning.S. Season: The end of spring, all of summer, & beginning of fall. Am I picky?T. Tag three: Anyone who wants to.U. What is U?V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: I eat meat but I appreciate vegetarians. W. Worst Habit: Jared would say popping my gum, I say I'm a little OCD. X. x-ray or ultrasound: I guess I'd have to say x-ray Y. Your favorite food: Summer picnics. Z. Zebra or Elephant: Zebras were my favorite as a kid & I did a report on them in Mr. Heinzman's 7th (6th?) grade science class.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Great Conference Weekend!

We couldn't stand the cold weather any longer, & I don't think Jared could stand to be away from Ryan any longer so off to Henderson we went to play with the McGiven's & Hill's
Our first morning we went on a nice run on the long path by their home. Sarah even came pushing the boys which I'm sure wasn't easy. Then we got the pool ready & had fun watching Brady & Easton play!
After Ryan got home from School we went shoe shopping & decided to give "King Putt" a try. We had a good time but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. We would've much rather gone real golfing but it's expensive!
One day the boys, Aria, & I went to the pool but the water was too cold so Aria & I just watched them make fools of themselves.

The guys got great tickets to watch the Las Vegas Wrangler Hockey game, thanks to Geoff, & had a lot of fun while we girls ordered pizza & watched Enchanted. The guys DIDN'T come home right after, hmmmm, I wonder why???? I'll leave it at that.

How can you not have so much fun with these adorable four!
I'm sad we didn't get a picture of all of us together but we were too busy eating all the YUMMY food! Why didn't I take a picture of the food?? Oh yeah, becuase I was too busy eating it! Sarah & Aleena should open their own restaurant. Ryan can cook the breakfast too!
Seriously what a great weekend, we are ready to come back!!