Saturday, August 28, 2010

San Diego & Oceanside

We started August by going with Jared to his training in Oceanside, CA.
Megan was able to join us too!
Isn't she cute? We had to leave really early Sunday morning & for some reason my hair dryer would NOT work so I had a nasty wet little ponytail but Megan's beauty made up for me.

Too bad this was what the Temple looked like while we were there.

This ship was grounded by our hotel.

PetCo field looked beautiful. We were sad we weren't able to go to a game there.

A submarine

A ship that would've been fun to tour.

We chose to tour the U.S.S. Midway. An aircraft carrier that is now used as a museum for the public.

We wore head phones that would tell us what we were looking at. Here is where the men slept. I can't remember details but it was a lot of men in a crowded area with no privacy. I could not have lived on this ship.

The store.

You had to step up at each door or they were knee knockers.

Brig (jail)

The different uniforms for the different jobs on the ship. Who's the weird guy on the left?

Some of the airplanes & helicoptors on the ship.

It was amazing & neat knowing this ship was used while George Bush was president. I recommend going here if you ever go to San Diego.

This statue was huge & it is from Alfred Eisenstaedt's black-and-white photograph of an unidentified sailor kissing a nurse in 1945. It became an iconic photo marking the end of WWII.

Here's our first day in Oceanside. Meg & I decided to walk to the beach & it was quite the experience even though it wasn't too long of a walk.

We ate some yummy fish & chips at this harbor & sat next to a really nice family.

We were playing in the water & stopped paying attention & got hit with a wave. Jared says that's what happens when you turn your back to the ocean.

Cute Megan
It was such a pretty evening, I wish we could've stayed longer & also wish my pants weren't soaking wet.

Meg's signature pose.

Looking for shells

Good thing he loves his stroller.

Megan went swimming a few times in the cold pool.

Emmett watched.

Another beach we found along 101.

It was a chilly evening so Emmet & I watched Jared & Megan play in the water.
The other days Megan & I found the outlets in Carlsbad & spent almost all of our day there. We had a great time!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lake, friends, & cousins

We've had a busy & fun summer. These pictures show some of what has happened.

Austen taking Emmett on an adventure!

Emmett loved chewing on rhubarb.

Here's Emmett & my friend, Alisha's baby Dax.
An evening at the lake.

Luke, Emmett, & Steele. Hottest boys on the beach!

Emmett, & Luke having fun in the tent.
We were able to stay in Rexburg for several days & Emmett loved playing with his cousins. I can't entertain him like they did.
Emmett playing with Robot

A fun sweet shop we went to in Pocatello. They had black licorice ice cream!

My last time wakeboarding this summer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

back to 9 months

Emmett is growing so fast & getting such a fun personality! He is now 10 months but here is how he measured at 9 months.
Head circum : 18 in 63 %tile
Length: 27.75 in. 33 %tile
Weight: 20.5 lb 51 %tile
Thankfully my cousin Joslyn took his 9 month pictures for me while we were in Rexburg. It is sooo hard to choose from over 500 favorites but I put a few on
here. Here is her website.

He has quite the temper but thankfully it only came out a few times & we were able to get a lot of happy ones.

Thanks Joslyn for doing this for me!! It was a lot of fun!