Friday, May 15, 2009

St. George

Jared had his first triathlon of the year at Sand Hollow. They canceled the swim again because of the wind so they ran, biked, ran. This year his friends, Geoff & Ryan, did it too. It's more fun when you have more than one person to watch for.

And he finished!

Casey, Melanie, & Wyatt came too which made the trip even more fun. We couldn't wait for Jared to be done so we could go swimming! While Jared slept in the shade we swam for many hours.

He's quite the little fish!
Such a cute boy!

We ate dinner then tried to walk it off at the Temple.

Wyatt climbed all the way up the stairs. Good thing Jared still had energy to follow because we were exhausted from a long day.

We had one last stop before heading home. We had it to ourselves most of the time then interesting people came so after awhile we left to eat our picnic.

I thought this picture would look cool with our chacos. Wyatt needs a pair!
Thanks for coming with us! It made the trip so FUN!