Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We are getting anxious to be in our new home which will possibly be finished the end of this month. We go out there so much I think it is already a familiar place to Emmett. He especially loves the unfinished basement to run around in.

Once it finally warmed up we decided to head north to the cold windy 'burg. We couldn't miss out on Megan turning 13!

My pictures are blurry for some reason.

Emmett was so sleepy but we had to keep him up so he could sleep on the way to Jackson.

We went swimming at the aquatic center in Jackson and Emmett got to go down the mini waterslide with his daddy. He was always scared at first but at the end he would smile. I think he had mixed emotions about it.
Jared even took him down the bigger waterslide but I didn't have the camera. bummer

Hanging out with Austen. He was mad that I was holding onto him. He thinks he is so big.

We love Jackson and it was nice to not have it so crowded but it was sooo cold.

My mom, me, & Emmett

Wish I could've bought this little buffalo for him. He kept snuggling it and it was so cute.

He also loved the moose.

Chasing him up and down the boardwalk

Emmett and I were able to spend the next week in Paris.

Emmett liked playing in the rain and splashing in the puddles.

For some reason he thought it was funny to press down on fluffers back while he was eating.

Checking on the cows in Sharon.

Emmett's first ride in the tractor with Grandpa. He was scared but I think he'll like it more as he grows up.

First time on the trampoline this year. He loved it until he almost fell off. Maybe he'll learn to stay in the middle now.

He would attempt to jump then clap for himself.

Can't wait for the next adventure in Paris and hopefully it will be nice and warm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Emmett 18 months!

I cannot believe my baby is 1 1/2 already! He has such a fun personality and we love him more each day.

Length: 33.2 in 76.88 %tile (he's finally getting taller!)

Weight: 24.52 lb 31.54 %tile

Head circum: 18.9 in 57.25 %tile

Yesterday was his first day in nursery and I think he did pretty good for his first time. They came and got me because he didn't want to stop playing with the toys so they could have snack time but what do you expect from an 18 month old.

He has learned to fold his arms and sometimes I'll look over at him to find him doing it for no reason except to be cute.

I think it's cute to see him pretend to be talking on the phone. Sometimes he'll say hello when he puts it to his ear.

For his big day, after we went to see the progress on the house, we stopped in Lehi at this restaurant and Emmett got his picture taken to be hung on the wall! They have a wide selection of things to eat and we will definitely be going back.

(This will be our new place to take visitors rather than the nasty Family Tree :)

Another perk was we got all this food for FREE for bringing in an Emmett!!

Their scones are DELICIOUS!!!

At his appt. he likes to play in this playhouse. If other kids are playing in there he gets excited and starts yelling jibberish. I love it.

He loved the mailbox of course since it opens and closes.

HE LOVES DIRT! I guess that comes with being a boy. He doesn't try to eat it as often which has been wonderful!

Livie in the background enjoying the fresh air with us.

He either remembers watching me water flowers last year or learned this from watching Baby Neptune a lot as a baby.

Hopefully the last time we will be playing in the snow for awhile. Last day of April snow fall.