Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in a nutshell

I went to St. George with my mom, sister, niece, & nephew but sadly didn't take many pictures. We stayed with my Grandma & went to Zion's one day. I had never been to "weeping rock" so it was the only hike I took pictures of. I loved the story behind this one.

When we got back home, Jared had made steak & mashed potatoes for us!
We played games and........

fed the ducks.
On our way to St. George we stopped at the historic Cove Fort. If I remember correctly, President Hinkley's grandfather was asked to build it & his father was raised there! It was neat & fun to experience a little of what it use to be like.
Mom & Andrea looking through the peak hole. They had several of these which made it impossible to be attacked.
Jared's sister blessed her baby on Easter Sunday. She's darling & her name is London Elle. Not a great picture of me but the baby sure is cute!
Jared's niece Erika & Nephew Johnny just happy to be there.
Avery & Zoe looking oh so cute in their Easter dresses!

Thankfully Jared took these pictures. I have become a terrible picture taker & now our camera doesn't work so I guess it serves me right.