Friday, September 4, 2009

Aunt Janet

My darling Aunt Janet is now at rest after a battle with cancer & other illness. A month ago she gave me this painting she did of Lucy & I love it! She adopted Lucy cat when she was a kitten & raised her for about 11 years then became terribly allergic & had to give her away. I love cats so I was excited when I got a phone call asking if we could take her. We've had her over a year now & even Jared has learned to love Lucy.
I'm lucky to have 3 of her many amazing paintings in our home to remember her every day. She will be very missed.

Huckleberry picking with Aunt Trudy. We don't see her often since she lives in Alaska so we enjoyed these few days of having her here.

I can't let a year pass by without getting some huckleberries.


We went to Washington with my family in August & had quite an adventure. We golfed early one morning & it was pretty cold to start with but I love feeling like we're the only ones on the course.

Then we left for a long day in Seattle. Started out eating lunch at Ivar's. Most everyone did the underground tour & Jared said it wasn't too exciting so he took pictures so I'll never have to do it.
My mom hesitantly feeding the seagull :)

After I flew home with my parents & brother, Jared, Casey, Mel, & Wyatt enjoyed a ride on Puget Sound with Jared's parents. They had just flown in that day & were very nice to take them on the boat.

Wyatt was so good through the whole trip. Here he is on one of many car rides. I stuck the camera in front of him to get his cute giraffe he tucked under his chin & I heard a "cheese" cute

Then a little while later he was out.

Wyatt loves to give his dog a "pat" & does the same to these goats.........even the log.