Friday, May 16, 2008

St. George Tri

Jared did his 3rd St. George Tri last weekend. This one was different because the wind was blowing & I had to wear my jacket the whole time. Normally we roast in the sun & get a sun burn not a wind burn. Jared was in about the 3rd heat & when it came to his turn they ended up canceling the swim because there were white caps. So the people who didn't get to swim all started from where they would've come out of the swim and just biked & ran.
Below is Jared in the yellow cap getting ready for the swim that didn't happen.


Afterward we went swimming at the condos where we had my family vacation a couple weeks ago. It took only a few tries to figure out the code to the gate.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Cliffs State Park

This place was new to us & a lot of fun! The water was cold but worth it.
A nature-made slide

I hadn't planned on doing it but Jared talked me into it. Once you got up there it didn't seem so high but it still seemed narrow.

Angel's Landing

Before we headed back home we stopped at Zion's National Park & finally did the hike we've wanted to do for so long. Below is a picture of where we had to get up to.
Here is probably is easiest part of the hike. If you go at the right time of day it's all in the shade & very pretty!
This is where you start the switchbacks. It wasn't too bad going up but coming down wasn't so fun.

Here is where the fun begins. You go up this narrow part & it's really steep on both sides! There's a chain all the way up & it really isn't that bad. I was expecting a lot worse.

View from the top!

It was sooo much fun & I recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of heights.
This little chipmunk took advantage of us taking pictures.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Neighborhood heroes

About a week & a half ago Jared, JO Jo & I were coming back from our run and taking our usual route back home. We cut through the True Value parking lot that connects with a dirt road that goes through all the sagebrush. On the side of True Value is the little gated area where they keep the trees & outdoor things they're selling. So we were talking & I kind of noticed someone in the gated area but just figured he was a working, even though the store was closed, until he threw down what he had & ran over the fence. That's when he caught my attention so I just said to Jared, "that kid was just trying to steal." I kept walking up the dirt road & Jared & the dog went over to search through the sagebrush to find him. It took several minutes then I saw some sagebrush moving & finally the boy stood up but had taken off the red sweatshirt he had been wearing. He was in between Jared & I & his little bike was in the middle of the dirt road. Jared yelled to him asking if he was the boy that was in there(the gate) & he said no, I'm just waiting for my friends. Jared replied, "in the bushes?" He started heading north through the long field of sagebrush & Jared yelled asking if he was going to come get his sweater & the boy said no, I don't want it. He walked right past his bike and was swiftly walking, partly jogging north. Jared took his sweatshirt & bike & called a policeman to come get it. All in all it was an interesting evening. We're guessing the boy was around 14 or so. I hope we never have this happen again!