Monday, November 26, 2012

Washington Part 1

Our drive to WA this year was pretty successful, even with 2 little busy bodies.  We were thankfully able to borrow the van which allowed Emmett to watch his video while Eli watched Baby einstein on the iPad.
We slept at our usual place and went swimming after we got there.

I bought some dollar store prizes for and when Emmett was good for a long period of time he could open one.  It worked great!

Another traditional stop is Miner Burger in Yakima.  The best part is the outdoor eating area is a great area to get some energy out.  Emmett kept going over with another family and sitting with them.  He's such a social bug.

We went the scenic route and could not believe how much snow was still there at the end of June!

Such an amazing view there!


While there we were able to golf several times and Emmett came once.  He's a great caddy.

Emmett LOVED the boat and went with anybody that took the boat out.  Eli was not a fan of the life jacket.

One boat ride put this boy right to sleep and he stayed asleep for quite awhile.

One of my favorite things is taking the Kayak out.  The boys had fun too as long as we didn't go for too long.
Always fun to see little ducklings too.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fire Season

One day I looked out the back door and saw a bit of smoke by the shooting range.  Who knew it would   burn the entire mountain and cause us to evacuate.  So happy to still have our home!

Let's hope we don't have to breath this all next summer again!

It was very entertaining to watch and whenever Emmett see a helicopter he says "water bucket" because he thinks that's all helicopters do.

I would text Jared all day pictures of the progress the fire was making.
The next morning Eli was down for a nap and Emmett and I were just hanging out in our pjs when we had a LOUD knock and the door bell rang.  I was annoyed since Eli was napping but it was an official saying we needed to Evacuate to the High School ASAP.  I was in shock because the fire looked pretty safe and it just seemed REALLY smokey.  Then when I took stuff out to the truck I saw all the fire trucks lined up the street and it looked like the fire was right at the end of Rocky Ridge.  As I was getting things in the truck (Jared had taken the car that day) a friend from our neighborhood showed up and asked if she could help and told me to come to her house.  I had put Emmett in the truck and every time I'd open the door to put more stuff in he'd say "fire truck woo oo woo oo"  He was loving it.  Then I had to wake up Eli :(  After haning out at my friend's for a bit she had to evacuate so we headed to Brady's.  Jared was able to go back to the house and get more stuff. 

Eventually we made our way to Brady's where the kitties were able to get out of the back of the truck and explore there home for the next 3 or so weeks!

Next we headed to meet the Marshall's for dinner and stayed the night there.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends during times like these!

The next day we still couldn't go to our house so Chelsea and I went to a few homes in the Parade of Homes, went swimming at Grandma White's and Jared went golfing with friends and took Emmett!

Emmett & Luke were good Golfing buds.

Later that day we were able to return and everything was great other than ash being all over our porch and garage.  It ended up being a mess anytime the wind blew this summer but so glad no homes were burned!  The pic below is of the first day I think.

Our garage floor

When the wind would blow there would be clouds of Ash that would make me think maybe the fire had started up again.

Lots and lots of helicopters flying by.

Cleaned the porch of all summer long!

Summer is here!

My flowers were pretty until we went to WA then everything dried up.

It's a HOT day!  Jammies and otterpops.

And Sprinklers!

Trying out some homemade "paint" gel-ish substance.

My little climber.

Splash park with London

We decided to try out the splash park in Eagle Mountain and decided it wasn't very exciting.  Also around the edge of the pad it was muddy so the kids ate lunch and we didn't stay long.

I spotted London feeding Emmett raisins.  These two crack me up.

Enjoying from a distance.

Afterward we went and got ice cream.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Father & sons campout

Jared has been so excited to be able to do this since Emmett was born.  Too bad it wasn't a better first experience but at least they tried.  Next year he'll be older and will probably enjoy it more.

They spent some of the night in the truck and were home early the next morning.  Emmett is a bad sleeper anyways and sleeping in a tent without me was kind of scary for him I think.