Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida 2011

Jared had 2 weeks in a row of training in Gainesville, FL so we thought it would be fun to turn it into a vacation. We went the weekend before he started training and stayed at his brother's house in Orlando. We were able to go to Disney World several times (thanks to Kevin & Amy!!!) I know Emmett won't remember this so I took LOTS of pictures and posted my favorites on here hoping to print this all off into a book someday.

Here we are on the ferry headed to Magic Kingdom. The wind took his breath away a little but I think he enjoyed the ride.

Let the Memories Begin

We got there during the 3:00 parade and had a really good spot for meeting Characters.

I wish I could've seen Emmett's face but I think that would've been tricky.

Jared wanted to start him out on Pirate's and he did really good but got scared when we got splashed with some water.

Jared waited in line to take Emmett on Dumbo so we hung out and took pictures.

1st time on Dumbo!

At the end of the day we met Mickey and Minnie but he was soooo tired I think he was confused.

At least he didn't cry.

We started heading back to the car and he was fast asleep.

We went to Downtown Disney one evening and ate some Ghirardelli Ice cream!

Emmett LOVED it. He shared my hot fudge sundae with bananas.

The next day we drove 2 hours to Gainesville. Gator territory. After dinner one night we walked around the mall.
On campus they have these bat houses and every evening they all fly out. TONS of bats come flying out the bottom all at once and into the sky to eat all the bugs. It is a really neat sight!

Waiting for the bats to start coming out.

Every weekend we would head back to Orlando and next we went to Animal Kingdom. Here we are on the jungle cruise.

They have a fun petting Zoo that Emmett loved! It was a really hot day and I only had warm pants for Emmett so I took them off and let him show off his cute chubby legs. To go along with his bare legs his onesie said "Get in Line Girls"

Wish we could've brought this lamb home with us. He really liked Emmett.

Too cute!

The goats were cute too.


Jiminy Cricket....(spelling?)

Touching a baby alligator!

Animal Kingdom closes early so we went to magic kingdom and got to watch Jared go on the tea cups by himself. He apparently went really fast.

Epcot was a fun day. He met Chip n Dale and loved them. I think he thought the nose was a ball.

He enjoyed walking around Asia and......

....pushing his stroller. We ate the yummy funnel cake here but didn't get a picture.

Here's epcot's character spot. The wait wasn't too long and we got to meet a lot of characters all at once. He was getting tired at this point so he was a little grumpy.

He was scared of pluto for some reason. He normally loves pluto since he's a dog.

Giving Donald a five.

Goofy gets a high five.

Our second week in Gainesville we stayed in a different hotel and it had a sport court so on warm days Emmett loved running around in it while we waited for daddy to get done with work.

Our last time at Disney we went to Hollywood studios and weren't able to do much with a baby but he loved this play area.

He didn't so much like sitting on Auntie.

After a short visit at Hollywood Studios we went to Disney's Boardwalk. It was really chilly that day.

We decided to eat here so Jared got a hotdog and I got a delicious corndog. The seagulls were all over so while Jared was away I had covered his food and was holding onto the remainder of my corndog when a seagull or 2 swooped down and managed to quickly slide the corndog off my stick out onto the cement where it disappeared. I could not believe how brave/desperate they were. I thought I was being careful but apparently they were more hungry than me.

The ship in the background is an awesome water park for the hotel there.

Emmett was digging in the sand and eventually had to taste it.


The next day we hung out with Kevin and Amy and watched the movie Catfish. Our flight left sooooooo early the next day. We had such a fun time and I think it's funny that after we left every day was 80 degrees in Orlando. I guess we were lucky to get at least a few warm days. Now I'm ready for spring to arrive here!