Monday, October 25, 2010

Hogle Zoo & pumpkin patch

In the middle of October we went to Hogle Zoo & a pumpkin patch with Casey, Melanie, Wyatt, & Charlie. It was a surprisingly hot day & we were a bit over dressed so Emmett got to hang out at the zoo with no pants. He liked the animals but really enjoyed holding on to the the fences & riding in his stroller. My pictures are in the wrong order & I can't move them.

Wy Wy measuring up to the gorrillas

We took the awesome train ride. Emmett actually liked it.

The next day we relaxed then ate at our local (not-so-great) Family Tree Restuarant then went to the Red Barn for ice cream.

It was a fun weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week at Grandma & Grandpa C's

Last week E & I spent the week in Paris & with lots of help from my mom & Jared, completed a few fall projects. We had a lot of extra wood from our fence so Jared cut it up for me.

Hanging on to his handles again.
He loves kitties just like his mom. He loved seeing fluffers everyday. He would chase him around the kitchen in his walker.

Learning to read!

He LOVES apples & gets very upset if you take it away before he's finished.

Apple on the lawn (this might be after he finished the apple & is now eating a snack but his shirt was drenched.

Apple in the highchair

Apple on the deck

mowhawk! His hair won't grow as fast everywhere else.

A fun video of him. He taught himself how to meow.....or fluffers taught him. Whenever I say kitty he looks around for one.