Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lavender Days Anyone?

Jared is such a great husband. He'll do almost anything with me even if it is girly. In Mona, which is right by Santaquin, the company Young Living does a Lavender days since they have fields & fields of Lavender. We started off the day with the "run through the lavender" which was a 5k race through the lavender fields, of course. We had a blast & yes I beat Jared ;)
So to explain the picture below. We made this wreath from fresh lavender & Jared carried it around the whole rest of the day for me, I think he liked it ;) A lot of ladies would stop & ask him where he got it. We got these DELICIOUS drinks called Big Kahuna & they had a flower on the straw so Jared looked really cute with that & the wreath!
We also got to try yummy lavender ice cream!
Here we are after the race with our bright red, sweaty faces.
Jared did get to see one manly thing. They do jousting at Lavender days which was fun to see but really hot. I don't know how they wore all their get-up in that heat.
Before we left we got to go & clip our own lavender in the fields.
It was really fun & Jared surprisingly even likes the smell of it.

This video is of a cute little lady showing me how to make the wreath. It was really hard & even though we were in the shade it was HOT! Everyone thought it was pretty cute that my husband was there helping me becuase they said they had to leave theirs home. Sitting across from us was a lady that's in the Tabernacle Choir!

Backyard Sunset

We always have pretty sunsets but the clouds made this one especially pretty!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ragnar Refugees indeed!

Here's Van #2 at the finish line. From left to right it's Jake, Brady, Kip, Nate, Jared, & some dude with a mowhawk named Casey. They're not smiling because they're happy, they're smiling because they're delirious! Their van started in Liberty, UT, which is a place I wouldn't mind living. Casey was the first to run & boy was it HOT! After we saw him take off Mel, Wyatt, & I headed to Santaquin.

Here's Casey taking the slap band from the last runner in van #1
And he's off!
Here's Jared at the end of his last leg heading toward the finish line. The van couldn't follow him so he had to run with a bottle of water that was too warm to drink until Brady ran to meet him & give him some cold water.
Does he look tired or what? Once again, a picture of Casey's mowhawk
And now for some way cute pictures!! We caught Wyatt smiling which is very hard to catch on Camera!
Here's wyatt lovin' his bumbo & his giraffe.
I had to get the thumb, I mean big toe on here as well. It's too cute.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ragnar Refugees update

I can't get any of my pictures of the boys to download right now but here's the update as of about 8 am today. Jared, Casey, Brady, Kip, Jake, & Nate are in van #2 so we met van #1 in Liberty, UT & Casey was the first to run from Van #2. Jared has done his two hardest runs & will be the final runner to end in Park City. Mel is talking to Casey & he still hasn't done his 3rd run so hopefully they will still get done before 4:00 so we can make it to the Bees game!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's all growing!

My hydrangea bushes are doing great! It started with one ball & now the ball has flourished & two more are starting. I added some sulfate to the soil so we are still waiting for them to turn blue. They've only turned a darker pink.
My peas have done really great.
The carrotts were slow bloomers but better late than never!
I got all of my flower pots planted & Lucy loves coming out side with me. She always trys to roll around on the cement but she gets dirty so I always stop her. One day I'll clean our porch really good then let her have at it.
AND FINALLY OUR GRASS!! Jared & I check it every day & this morning we had green fuzz!! It's such a great sight.

She's such a cute cat!