Friday, February 29, 2008



NASHVILLE! sorry it's long

My work trip this year was to Nashville, TN so of course we were able to see a lot of great country singers. I didn't realize who these people were at first until I heard their songs.
Dolly Parton was supposed to be there but she got really sick & had to be flown somewhere I guess. This was all in downtown Nashville at the Wildhorse saloon.
This first girl is Jessica Andrews & you probably know the song Rosemary's Granddaughter.

This guy is Dierks Bently & the only song I know that he sings is "What was I thinkin." It's a pretty funny song.
This scary looking guy is Ronnie Dunn from Brooks & Dunn. He was the last singer & his wife came out afterward with her purse on her arm & a drink in her hand & talked to us for a bit. I think she had a bit too much to drink!
We heard many other singers too but I only put the ones I know on here.

Okay, funny story about my pink skirt in the below picture. Every year we have a formal night & it's always a hassle finding a modest, not dressy but not too casual dress. This year I found a Kimono type dress for $12. I didn't love it but hey, it was $12! The night before I flew out, I went to Provo Towne & while I was there decided to look in this one store for fun. I ended up really liking this skirt & decided to buy it, after MUCH thought, since I really wasn't in love with the $12 dress. I didn't tell Jared though. So I roomed with 4 other girls & one of the girls had my $12 dress. But don't worry, I had my pink skirt that I bought at the last minute!! I found a cute shirt to go with it at the outlet mall by our hotel.

This is the African Children's Choir & they were amazing! All the kids have either lost one or both parents & come from low income families. It's a really neat story! Such cute & talented kids!

Our last night there we went to the Grand Ole Opry & Garth Brooks put on a private concert for us. For some reasons, we got to sit on the very front & center row!

Before the concert we were able to go into a room & meet Garth & get a group picture with him. It's weird because he just feels like some some old country guy that I could've grown up with. He's very friendly & down to earth.

He had us laughing all night & he even sang one of "Ms. Yearwood's" songs and at the end said, "I never thought I would stoop so low to sing someone else's song."

Back Online

We are finally up and running. A guy in our ward came over last night and helped us get our internet working. So I am sure that Heather will start catching up on her posts, she is making me some pancakes as I write this, life can't get any better than that. We are still waiting for visitors to make it this far south, especially those that live in the valley namely Gardners, Clarks, and stoddards. All the rest of you I expect a visit next time you are in town and if we find out you were here and didn't call us then our friendship is over, Ryan McGiven!!!! Can't wait for the party next week, Lindsay call us with the details and where you want to host.

The J-Man

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still nothing

We are still working on getting a new computer so we can use our internet. Our laptop disc thing doesn't open so that's a problem. Our house is getting pictures on the walls & really feeling like home, thanks to my mom & Thai Pan Trading. Don't worry we will be planning a party soon . I believe we have one set for March 7 right Lindsay? That's all for now. I know, boring post!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Heather wanted me to post a brief update so here it goes. The good news is, is that we finished our house, passed our final inspection, received our certificate of occupancy, and moved in this last weekend!!!! Saturday night was our first night at our home and it is great to finally be in a new place after months of hard work. The bad news, we are currently stuck in the in between stage, therefore, we have no internet access, and no way of showing you all of our pictures; evenmore, we are still trying to get settled in so we really don't have the time to post an update. So please be patient with us as I work on getting us back online and getting our house into a "house of order." We sure hope that all of you are doing well and we sure do miss all of you.