Friday, June 26, 2009

Growing so fast!

Here he is, our little boy growing so fast. November will be here before we know it.

We had an ultrasound at 6, 8, & 10 weeks & were amazed at how much bigger he was each time. This picture is at 6 weeks.
Here are the 3 men that made it possible. I know, weird to think about but very grateful for their skill! Jared was great about giving my daily injections, & for coming to Vegas with me so I could attend my work conference but still have my necessary ultrasound. What a man :)


Several years ago we (all the friends) started planning a trip for the boys' 10 year HS reunion. The trip ended up being in Seattle & Jared's parents were nice to let us stay at their WA house. Jared & I got there a few days before to clean gutters, wash windows, & go for a ride on "old friend" with an interested buyer of the Fairliner. It's always fun to go out on Puget Sound & luckily enough the guy we went with new a lot about what we saw since he was from Tacoma.

Below is an OLD ferry.

A view of our favorite restaurant, The Ram, from the boat.

We always attempt to go to the Seattle Temple but it's usually closed for cleaning the month we go. This time we made it! I loved these trees below!

Also what cool flowers!

We had a race on the canoe & timed each other. It was fun, then a few days later Jeff & Jared tried to beat the best time & ended up tipping the canoe over! Wish I had it on video.

We were able to golf on our favorite course that is just a boat ride away. I have to say that I played the best I've played in awhile & it was my first time out this year! We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Jared's FAVORITE thing to do is go dive for golf balls. He always finds someone willing to go along even though they go early when the water is still chilly.

I figured I had better wakeboard before the belly gets bigger. I was super careful but still enjoyed it!

Geoff, Jeff, & Jared each spent 10 minutes in the water trying to take the wakeboard off once they were done. Lindsay & I laughed our heads off at them! You can't see it but Jeff's skin is purple. (Sign of hypothermia?)

We love going to Mariners games!

We had awesome seats in left field on the top bleacher.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: We kept waiting for them to play Ken Griffey Jr. Finally toward the end of the game we see him in black & white up on the jumbotron (sp?) warming up to bat. They had awesome intense music & great angles of him. It was something you see in a movie. He gets up to bat & hits a homer with the first pitch. Good thing we had lots of room to celebrate!


Chelsea was brave enough to dance in front of these crazy guys. She gets past Jeff's arm but.......

doesn't quite make it past crazy Jared. Yep he punched her in the eye :(

They danced throughout the whole game whenever music would come on hoping to grab the camera man's attention. No luck. Jared did make it on the jumbo tron in another way, however.

Starting off our day in Seattle. Lots of walking but worth it for the free parking!

Our last day when only 6 of us were left we went to another Mariners game. Bought crappy but decent priced tickets & ended up with Great seats in right field by Ichiro! As you can tell by the fans filling the whole section up.


Anyone ready to go back? We only had a little bit of rain & fairly warm weather! It was a great week & worth the long drive. Thanks to everyone who made it & for making such a fun memory!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Task (for Andrea)

This post will only make sense to a few, so ignore it otherwise.
We watered our plants (we only have outdoor plants)

I planted my new perennials (or perannuals, right mom?). Some of them are transplanted so they may not make it long but I'm crossing my fingers.
Jared pulled the weeds. The best time to pull weeds is in the rain!
We had fun & the weather was great. Not too cold & Jared's new fence smelled good being wet.