Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Last night Jared left to take a 10 pm flight to LAX, have a 2 hour layover, fly to Memphis, then leave to Columbus. We're sad he's not here to celebrate with but here's something I found that I thought was pretty fitting.


1 Someone needs to deal with the "some assembly reequired" stuff.

2 Who else would dare face that black fuzzy spider under the basement stairs?

3 His shaving cream comes in handy for rainy-day crafts.

4 He has an amazing ability to cheer up a cranky child merely by tossing him in the air.

5 He's happy to discuss the finer points of old Road Runner and Coyote cartoons with the kiddos.

6 No one else ever seems to know exactly where the bicycle-tire pump is.

7 He insists that you look even better than you did before you had kids. (And if he's lying, he does it really, really well.)

8 Amazingly, macho man though he is, he doesn't mind having his nails painted bright pink by an enthusiastic pre-school manicurist.

9 He doesn't make fun of you when you do yoga in the living room. Well, most of the time.

10 Fatherhood looks sexier on him than you could have imagined.

-Charlotte Latvala

Emmett sure loves his dada and we will miss him a lot for the next 6 days.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 11, 2011

Today I talked Jared into going to see what Orem's Summerfest is all about. It was super hot and not very exciting. We did get to experience a few firsts with Emmett which made it worth it though.

We got to sit in an airmed helicopter. He didn't quite understand what it was since it wasn't in the air and it wasn't making any noise.

Next he sat in a fire engine which is a lot bigger on the inside than I had imagined. He loved it.

When he's in the driver's seat he likes you to close the door and kept pointing at it so Jared would close it. Then he tried pushing all the buttons surrounding him that don't show up in this picture so it was time to get out.

Even the outside of the truck is a little boy's heaven.

Next we found some Army jeeps!

To cool down afterward we had him play in the sprinkler.

We started getting the pool ready so the hose is in it swirling around in the water and every once in awhile pops up and sprays out of the water so here are the boys waiting for that to happen. When it does Emmett says "you see?"

To end the day Jared and I were making dinner and when Emmett goes in the family room and is silent for awhile I usually find him doing this.

When his G-ma helps him play with her i-touch she needs her glasses to see it so he thinks he needs them as well. He always has them around his neck. It makes me laugh every time.

That was our fun filled Saturday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We spent the weekend in rainy Paris since Jared had Memorial Day and the following day off!

Here's Emmett at my Aunt's grave.

On our way home we stopped at LaBeau's and ate dinner and shared a Raspberry shake.

Emmett doesn't like fries but he discovered he could dip it in the shake.

Then lick off the ice cream.

(pictures are out of order) Before LaBeau's we stopped at the Paris cemetery to visit Grandpa & Grandma Carlsen's grave. It makes me so sad to think he won't know them growing up.

Birthday dinner with cousins. He climbed up there all by himself to sit by them which I thought was cute and also that they all have their pj's on.