Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was hoping we would have some snow to play in this winter to help keep this little busy body entertained but instead we just have mud. Here are some things we do while we've been hibernating this winter.

He loves spending time with daddy.

Tipping his tractors day, night, while eating, and every time in between. Sometimes he likes to do it along with the movie so we rewind several times before I say no more.

Ok so we have had one day of decent snow that lasted barely long enough to play in.

I was inside and caught him in the neighbor's yard testing out the snow.

Tried some finger painting. He knows his colors so well and tells me what color things are all the time. He's growing up so fast.

On warmer days we play in the rocks.

Tried teaching him to catch some snowflakes on his tongue.

He even asks to read his Jesus book sometimes.

Lots and Lots of baths are taken to keep entertained. Sometimes we add colors, sometimes bubbles and as shown here sometimes both.

One day he decided to crawl in our clothes hamper and ended up spending most the day in there with some favorite toys and his favorite blankie, of course.

One day I took clothes out of the dryer and came back to find him here.

Eli loves when his brother pays attention to him. Emmett likes to share his toys with him sometimes. Here he gave him McMissile and "Sar truck" (Sarge)

No better way to hibernate than with 2 cute boys!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little man in action

He doesn't like to stay on his back for very long. He still seems way too little to know how to do this but it is so fun to watch.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Daddy's time off

Jared got the last of his indoor projects finished over the Christmas holiday. He finished our mudroom!

This area was meant to be a closet but we figured we'd get more use out of it being a mudroom

We took Emmett bowling for his first time. It was kind of hard but we had fun. First we tried this mini bowling area and he liked to kick the ball.

Next We did regular bowling which he liked but he didn't like waiting his turn which made for a lot of tantrum throwing. It didn't help that it was 90 degrees in there.

The New far.

Jared turned 31 on December 31. We had a small but fun party and here are the guests minus Becky who is taking the picture.

I have been enjoying taking pictures of my little man with my new camera. He's pretty good at looking cute.

This buddy has been into everything! Nothing is safe in this house.

He found out he can reach the water in the bathroom.

He has discovered he can reach a lot more if he just pushes the chair over by it.

He found the box of crackers.

We had some warm days to play outside and tip some tractors.

When Daddy is gone sometimes the house looks like this until Emmett goes to bed.

We celebrated London's 3rd Birthday.

Helped blow the candles out.

Eat the frosting

The hamper also works to help reach things.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eli 4 months

I can't get enough of his cute face. He has the biggest grin whenever he sees me and it makes me so happy.

He has had a little bit of a cold but his Doctor said he looked great at his wellness visit!


Head circ. 16 in 13.41 %tile

Length: 25 in 54.41 %tile

Weight: 14.22 36.18%tile

He's much easier to take pictures of than Emmett. He was getting tired when I took these so it was hard to get any smiles out of him. We still haven't gotten him to take a bottle but I haven't really tried very hard either. He likes to hold his poop in and let it all out at once which makes for A LOT of blowouts. In fact in these pics he's wearing his 2nd outfit for the day........and he ended up pooping on it too. Not fun. I should just be happy he isn't constipated.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

These are backwards so we will start with Christmas Day.

My parents came to spend Christmas with us and it was a lot of fun! Jared went to our 45 min. sacrament meeting then we opened presents when he got home.

Here is Gampa (Grandma) giving Emmett his most favorite present, a John Deere tractor flashlight.

Of course the tractor is always tipped.

We had shrimp fondue, steak, and fruit with chocolate fondue for dinner Christmas Eve. Emmett just had chocolate for dinner.

Christmas Eve

Santa jammies! It says "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will." Very true.
Notice where "McQueen car" is hiding and also the upside down phone by the TV. He tips all of his toys upside down.

Eli's jammies say "I'm all mommy wants" Also Very True. His very first Christmas ornament is sitting on his leg.

Christmas was a lot of fun and I think this will be our last year we can talk freely about Santa.