Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun with Emmett

He loves holding on to handles & he searched to find a part of the cart not covered so he could hang on.
This boy also loves eating! Maybe thats why he's a chunk.

On a walk to Bridal Veil falls. Holding onto his handles again.

After buying some ears of corn we went on a quick walk by the orchards.

He also loves being in his stroller. A nice evening walk through the orchards.

Eating again.

And another thing he loves is taking baths.

I let him soak for quite awhile and love seeing his wrinkly feet.

I love this boy!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Emmett & I went with Jared to his training in Portland since it fell during our 6th anniversary. Jared had an earlier flight and my flight ended up getting delayed an extra hour so I got to hang out with this busy body. I was crazy to think he'd understand the idea of setting him on the changing pad was so he wouldn't touch the floor. oh well.

We played in the hotel room, went swimming, & went on a lot of walks while daddy was at work. Emmett got a lot of attention everywhere we went. People would always stop & talk to him & comment how happy he was. People don't typically do that in Utah so it was fun.

We headed to Seaside which is a beautiful little town on the coast.

I guess it is known as the last stop for Lewis & Clark.

It was very unique. I of course had to go & see this fat cat in the bookstore.

So many unique touches.

Our hotel was right on the beach so we went for a walk in the evening & in the morning. Both were quite cold & windy.

Another fun touch!

Next we went to Cannon Beach & saw Haystack Rock.

Jared just had to eat here. We shared fish & chips & a cup of clam chowder.

Another cool fence.

Next stop was the Tillamook cheese factory. We took a tour then each tried 3 flavors of ice cream.

No this isn't mom's old kitchen table. It's the wall in the elevator :)

Squeaky cheese all for me. Jared thinks it's nasty.

We headed back to Portland & stayed there the rest of the time.

Multnomah Falls

We didn't get to hike to the top but it was still a pretty site.

Emmett was asleep until we were ready to leave so we headed back so he could see the waterfall.

The train was right next to us & was so loud as it went by but not even that woke up the sleepy boy.

Pittock Mansion. We got there too late to do the tour so we just looked through the windows.
Next we went on a bike ride along the waterfront in Portland. Emmett did not like it.

So he fell asleep.

We had a great time & had good weather. Jared got a cold the first day there which was a bummer, but othere than that we had a lot of fun!