Saturday, November 8, 2008

Orlando! sorry, it's long

Jared & I bought plane tickets several months ago to visit our friends, Derek & Chelsea, who were suppose to be moving to NY. They ended up moving to UT instead so we kept our tickets & decided to go to Orlando to visit Jared's brother Kevin & his wife Amy & their kids. Since we kept our tickets with Jetblue we had to go to NY then down to Orlando so here is the only bit of NY we got to see.

We LOVE Walt Disney World & have been there every year since we've been married. This year we were adventurous & tried a lot of new things we'd never done before. Now we have some new favorites.

Jared was sad we only got to do this one once becuase the line was always so long. It was like a 3-D Carnival video game. Tons of fun!!

Yes, I won! That's another reason Jared wanted to do it again, is to see if he could beat me :)

Another favorite was the character animation class. It's in Hollywood Studios (MGM) & they teach you how to draw one character each class. It's about 20-30 min. long & it's amazing how easy they make it.

Here are the results of the class. We did it twice in a row right before the park closed.

It was so great to see everyone. Jared & Boston got to bond in a special way. We went to see HSM 3 and at the end of the movie Boston crawled on Jared's lap & was squirming around like he couldn't get comfortable then ended up throwing up all over him. It was crazy but luckily we were on the front row so only Jared got covered :)

We got to meet our new little nephew Van! Only makes us wish even more that we got to see them more often.

One day we went to Sea World & Avery was so brave & went on this log ride with us. It was a very humid day so my hair was poofy. The kids dressed up & went trick-or-treating around the park.

Before we left we were able to go to Cocoa Beach. It made it even harder to come home to the colder weather. I could hang out at the beach all day if Jared would let me.
We had a wonderful time! Thanks Kevin & Amy for letting us stay once again & for taking care of us!!
Unfortunately Jared was sick on the way home with a cold so during our layover in Pheonix he got to take a quick nap before getting to SLC at 11:30 pm. Isn't he cute?