Monday, August 29, 2011

Family time

Emmett and I were able to make it to the Wuthrich family reunion in Emigration canyon. He found this dump truck right off and had it the entire time.

My cousin Trevor and Emmett were best buds.

We went to the Fair Parade in M town and had so much candy thrown at us with only 3 kids to gather it.

Emmett and my cousin's boy Nathanial enjoying a ride in the wheelbarrow.

Emmett LOVES suckers. Thank goodness for little dum dum suckers.

Later in the week the Merrell cousins came! E sure loves his cousin Megs.

Poor boy had a rash on his face and all it needed was some cortisone to go away.

Jumping on the trampoline with Aunt Andrea.

Ring around the rosies

The tree swing!

Looks like they don't trust Megan pushing them.

We had fun playing at the Paris Elementary playground.

Swinging at Garden City park while A, M, & A are at the funniest show ever at Pickleville Playhouse.

Emmett walked under the tramp at the wrong time and got splashed with a bucket of water. I just happened to take a picture as it got him.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A week in Park City

This year the annual Carlsen vacation was in Park City. We figured Emmett was close enough to being two to experience the alpine slide. Jared said he liked it and kept saying "weee."

Here are all the cousins on the Carlsen side which will soon grow by one more boy. Maybe someday Megs will get a girl cousin.

We spent some time playing at the park. Emmett loves the slides! In order to get there we had to carry the strollers down a lot of stairs and up again on the way back.

There was a nice shallow part in the pool where Emmett liked to play but mostly he wanted to be in the hot tub.


These two enjoyed riding together.

Casey, Mel, and I took the boys to Cars 2. I knew Emmett wouldn't sit too long but the whole front of the theater was empty so when he needed a break he ran back & forth down by the screen. When it first started he kept yelling "McQueen!"

This was my first time to the Olympic park. It was neat watching them land in the pool with skis on.

You can barely see but a skiier is in the air.

I looked over at Charlie and this is how he was. So cute.

Emmett's first time to a splash pad. He wasn't too excited about it but at least it was free. He was more interested in his tractor

Letting his tractor enjoy the water.

While waiting for everyone to come down the alpine slide Emmett and Charlie enjoyed putting rocks through the hole in this table.

I wasn't going to worry about having Emmett experience this ride but he ended up loving it and bawled when it was over. When Wy would make the airplane go up E would put his hand in the air and say "weeeee." One of the boss guys came over when it was over and told us he could go again for free!

So brave all by himself.

As soon as we got home Emmett was back in our dirt yard and played there until dark.


One of the many pieces of trash left by construction workers became a fun toy for him.

I'm bummed we didn't get a picture of our awesome tye dye shirts we made.

It was a fun time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4th of July

We started our celebration the evening before at the annual Carlsen weinie roast. I'm glad Emmett was able to do this at my grandma and grandpa's before their house sells.

I was trying to get a picture of him eating the s'more and he decided to say cheese so I got this goofy looking face that I love.

Emmett loved this big dog.

This year instead of having the chuck wagon breakfast on my grandparents big lawn they had bounce toys/slides. Emmett was nervous but all in all I think he loved it.

Even Jared was able to enjoy it.

Here we're watching the beginning of the parade with the BL rangers on horses carrying the flags. I put Emmett's hand on his heart and he kept it there a long time.

Hattie, Wyatt, and Emmett enjoying the parade. This was Emmett's first parade and he loved it. He was really fun to watch.

Wyatt showing me his loot.

Glow necklaces are cool even in the day.

Bending over to give me his cheese face once again.

Fireworks on M hill (the only thing that makes it exciting is if the hill starts on fire) He liked them for a few minutes then was ready for bed.

We made it to the lake a few times. This time was a short trip because it got really windy!

He still loved throwing rocks in the water and smashing sand piles with his feet.

After the beach we decided to go to Minnetonka Cave. Emmett kept saying "wow" and didn't like stopping so Jared went ahead of our tour guide with Emmett and did a quick tour of it.

It was a fun week!