Sunday, May 5, 2013

Boating summer 2012

Got adventurous and rented a boat to go wake boarding and tubing.

Poor baby wasn't liking his life jacket and cried and cried then fell asleep after we took it off.

Austen sitting in the donut hole.

Past & present cheerleaders.

Nighttime dip in the lake

Not sure who's crazy idea this was....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cousin fun time!

I had to post a lot of these because it was impossible to get them to all look.

Wyatt's poses were just too great!

Emmett trying his best to look anywhere but at the camera.

I think this one is my favorite

Austin probably drove around the house at least 100 times a day.

Random summer fun 2012

If there is ever a puddle or mud Emmett will find it and get in it.  

My smiley boy

He LOVES his corn on the cob.

Emmett being Emmett.  Always entertaining.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 furballs

More pics of when Coco and Punkin were just tiny. 

Eli 10 Months

These photos aren't the best but it shows his teething habits.  Chewing on everything red rashy cheeks.  Loved being outside and trying to keep up with his brother.

I love this picture of him.  Always playing in the dirt and has some serious digging going on.

Our unforgettable trip home from WA

On our way home we had planned to stop at the Rose Family reunion at Camp Kiwanis in Walla Walla, Washington.  On the way I started feeling sick and kept getting sicker and sicker the closer we got.  I figured it had to be car sickness or maybe sick from all the junk food I was eating.  As we pulled up I couldn't even get out of the car because I knew I'd throw up right away.  I felt bad leaving Jared with the kids and the job of getting our campsite ready for the night.  I was also sad I couldn't go and say hi to everyone.  Finally I made it to the restroom and it all came out.  I thought that was it.  It ended up that I had the flu which Jared ended up also getting but he only threw up once. (funny story)  Emmett ended up puking all night so we just stayed in the building and visited with Jared's cousin and let Eli sleep peacefully in the tent.  The next morning we were exhausted but happy to have the worst behind us.  Emmett threw up once more that morning and Eli stayed healthy.  Since we didn't want to get Great Grandma Rose sick this is the best picture I got of them with her.

Here is where Emmett's name came from.  Wish he was standing by it in this picture but oh well.

We were sooooo happy to be at our hotel in Boise.  After eating at Red Robin we showered and relaxed!  The boys easily fell asleep and we had a wonderful last night of vacation.