Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip

The end of June we got in a jam packed SUV with Jared's mom & headed to Boise for the night. We stayed in our FAVORITE hotel (Ameritel Inn) and got to take Emmett swimming before getting back in the car to make our next stop in Walla Walla, WA for the crazy Rose reunion & to celebrate Grandma Rose's 90th birthday!

The actual pool at the campground was FREEZING so Emmett got to sit in the warm kiddy pool.

The Rose reunion happens every year at a place called Camp Kiwanis in Walla Walla. This year there were a TON of people & we had a lot of fun.

They always have a bunch of activities planned & one of them is you get to build any size/type of boat & then we have a race down the river. Emmett's won 2nd place in his division. It's a pretty big deal.

They only send about 5 or so at a time. The water was sooo cold.

I love this boy

If you don't know where Jared gets his craziness from, you learn quickly after spending a weekend with the Rose clan. Here is the Morris gang minus Amy & the kiddos, Matt, London, & Erika.
To celebrate Grandma's 90th, Pat did a "Queen for a day" party. I think it was a tv show or something back in the day.......not sure.

Pat, Grandma Rose, me, Jared, & Emmett.
Emmett did great his first time camping. Uncle Roger let us borrow his 3 room tent & his blowup mattress & stand. It was GREAT!! Even though Emmett's hands would be ice cold he seemed to sleep well.


I think he was confused by all the noisy seagulls but I know one day he'll really enjoy it. I love his scrunchy face!!

Pushing him through busy Pike's Place was quite the adventure. His head was turning to & fro.

Sideways Johnny holding Grandma Morris's flowers.

"Paris Grocery"

First Mariners hat. When we take him for walks in the stroller he hangs on to his cup holders like this most of the time. It's so cute.

We also got to celebrate Grandma Morris's 90th birthday. She loved Emmett, I'm glad she got to meet him.

London, Zoe, Emmett, & Wyatt on their Great Grandma's porch.

Zoe is always wanting to hold Emmett, it's cute. He's probably half her weight already.

Her house is in a beautiful location in Black Diamond, WA on Lake Sawyer.
We had a fun busy time. Later that night we went back to the house at Tapps & watched the fireworks around the lake. It's like a constant grand finale all around the lake for hours. Next year Emmett will be able to stay up & watch but this year he was sleeping peacefully.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lake time!

You'd never guess from this picture that he hates wearing his life jacket.

Ok, now you can see why he hates it.

He discovered the sand while splashing & of course it goes straight to his mouth.

It was so funny to watch & he got mad when we'd pull his hands out of his mouth.

This picture is funny. I didn't feel like we were that far away from him.

It was a fun first time at the lake. Can't wait for many more before the summer is over.