Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my baby is 1! He is a fun little busy body & I'm lucky he's mine. He scoot crawls & likes to stand up any chance he gets, including during the middle of the night. He likes me to help him walk everywhere & LOVES exploring new things, going on walks in his stroller & dogs & cats.
His actual birthday was spent with just he & I since Jared didn't get home until late that night.
Here he is looking innocent
He kept trying to eat the stem which is rough & I was worried it would scratch his gums.

He didn't like me telling him not to eat it.

Now he's happy but with tears in his eyes.

His birthday party was the day after & happened to be the warmest day of the week. Jared grilled hamburgers & hot dogs.

Wyatt loves "muffin cakes"

Emmett had a lot of good help opening presents.

Cake time.

Now he's one so he should sleep through the night by now right?

I have a hard time finding things he can eat with only a few teeth. He won't drink milk so I made some chocolate pudding to eat with his carrots.

We went to Disney On Ice with Casey & Mel & sadly I didn't really get pictures. Here's the best we got with Emmett & Wyatt. It was fun & Emmett did really well. I was worried he'd hate it.