Sunday, August 16, 2009

Before's & After's of J Jr's room

Here's an old dresser of Jared's we've had since we got married. (I only got the drawers in this picture but you get the idea.)

And here it is now!

I didn't get a before of the closet but Jared tore it out & built a new one with the dresser in it.

We experimented doing this wall & it turned out pretty cute.

We had Megan & my mom help us with the wall which was GREAT!!
The finished product.

The crib arrived early & Jared was pretty excited to put it together at first, until it started getting late.

We put the bedding in & I knew the bumpers needed a bit less cushion to open up space on the mattress & to not be a suffocation hazard. So......

We found some foam & cut it to size & made the perfect size bumpers.

I can't believe it's done, other than decorations. About 2 1/2 months before we put this room to good use.


Just an idea of some of the bugs we get to see here. We have TONS of praying mantids which is fun. I always wondered if they ate any of the million grasshoppers we have & found my answer. This guy had just finished the head & was still munching away.

We get a lot of nasty huge spiders so Jared has some strong bug spray & one day I found all of these out front on our sidewalk.....DEAD!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THE SPIDER OF ALL SPIDERS. This one was found today by our renter & yes it was dead. I took a picture of the bottom of him too so you could see how long his legs are. I'm not obsessed with bugs but I guess a little fascinated. I hope this doesn't keep anyone from wanting to visit.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun at the lake

Jared took us to the middle of the lake & we swam until our feet started to look like this.

Hope we can swim some more before the cold weather comes!