Thursday, June 24, 2010


ONCE again pictures are out of just go with it.
We were able to go to CA with the McGivens & see San Francisco, Pebble Beach, & the U.S. Open in person!

We stayed the night at their house since we had an early flight to catch. We Spent the whole day in San Francisco then headed to "Grandma's" for some sleep!
The cute boys did so great. Here we are after a LONG day headed to the house on Pebble Beach Golf Course.

They were troopers!

Emmett's first plane ride went GREAT! The flight was really empty so he slept in the middle seat the whole way......lucky boy.

We went to the Giants vs. Orioles baseball game! Emmett fell asleep on the long walk back to the car. Thank goodness for dads.

Golden Gate Bridge


Seeing Carlsen is a rare I took a picture.

Us up as high as you can get. We were just happy to be in the shade :)

They even gave certificates away that said
"First Baseball Game"
"We are glad that Emmett Morris came to At&t park to see".......& so on, it's late & I'm too tired to grab it & see what it actually said but it will be a neat keepsake for the boy.

Jared really wanted to find this. It was in our VIA magazine & he just had to find it.

Alcatraz. I will go back to SF someday because I would really like to see this.

I really liked Fisherman's Wharf


Here's a delicious fruit stand!! I had the best nectarine.

Jared got Rainier cherries!

Pebble Beach GC

Trying to catch up on some sleep.

We went onto the course one evening when the golfers were almost done for the day & took some pictures.

We got a lot of great pictures of the golfers from the house. I loved it!
Vijay Singh.

Breakfast at Little Swiss Cafe

He looks so dang cute in this little cap we got him.


The cutest boys!!!

Once again slept on the flight! I wish he slept like this at NIGHT!!!
We had a wonderful trip & are so grateful we were able to be there for the U.S. Open & very thankful for the McGivens' wonderful hospitality.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot day

For some reason I can't move my photos to the order I want them anymore. Oh well

Here he is after swimming out back.

He has recently learned how to splash & he loves it.

Even though the water was a little chilly he had fun.

Vacation where????

About 40 minutes from my home town of Paris at the Ideal Beach condos. We always hope for sunny weather but it's more likely that we get cool air & clouds. Still fun.
We were able to make s'mores
Wyatt showing his mallow smile.
Meg & Emmett playing some tunes.

Thanks to lots of wind we flew kites a few times.

Emmett watching it high in the sky.

Meg trying to get the little gator high in the sky.

Wyatt upset that I'm taking his picture.

Wyatt unhappy that Emmett has to ride along in the bike stroller. Sorry Wy

Bubbles attacking him in the tent!

Emmett holding Aunt Janet's rhubarb.

Flying the kite & trying to stay warm. Wyatt hiding from the camera again.

We........or at least I missed having Jared there since he was in hot/rainy Orlando. We had fun & can't wait to see where the timeshare is next year!