Thursday, April 19, 2012

LOTS of Eli at 7 months!

This little boy is 7 months old so I tried to get some pictures to show his cute personality. He moves around so much now which makes him hard to take pictures of. He got his first tooth on the 1st of April and his second one came shortly after. I still need pics of them. He is such a good sleeper and so sweet and happy. Emmett is still learning to share with him but enjoys interacting with him more which is really fun to watch.

I couldn't get a good one with the monkey but here he looks like a porcelain doll with bright wide eyes. Kind of creepy.

Emmett's way of giving him toys. Put it as close to his face as he can.

Cleaning out baby's fuzzies.

He usually ends up on his tummy while trying to reach for things. He wants to crawl soo bad.

Before we know it he'll be driving!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Day 2012

I made a trail of eggs starting in Emmett's room that lead out to the baskets. Here's his first look at his new truck. He immediately drops the eggs afterwards.

His reaction to the horn honking.

After church we went to the Provo Temple and walked around with lots and lots of missionaries.

My handsome boy. He loved running around on the big lawn.

Sad, grumpy or really tired, not quite sure.

Next we went to Grandma Pat's for dinner and the big egg hunt. This boy loves to eat.

London & Emmett went first.

She looks like she's ready to choke him.

Now looking so sweet.

Emmett loves his dondon

The two of them together are TROUBLE!

A fun Beautiful Easter!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Eve

The boys had their pictures taken this day and were able to touch a little bunny and chick. It was cute. Jared ended up being really allergic just from being in the room with them.

After Eli was in bed we hid eggs around the yard for Emmett. He wasn't too great at finding them at first but got better by the end.
Patiently waiting for Daddy to hide the eggs.

He walked past the green egg on the ground many times before getting it.

Counting the eggs

Counting them again

Some fun things for them in the morning.