Friday, December 30, 2011


Eli was blessed on November 6 at church. He didn't cry until the very end and Jared did a wonderful job. I am so mad that I didn't get a picture of us on his special day but it was enjoyable and nice to have our families there to share it with us. My friend came and took these of him in his blessing outfit before he grew out of it.

Here he is at 3 months old. He spends a lot of time in his comfy jammies and wears mitts a lot but I'm starting to not put them on because he just sucks on his fingers which makes the mitts soaking wet. I like to have his picture with this monkey each month to compare how much he has grown in a month. He has always been super smiley and so much fun for us!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Morris Family Christmas Party 2011

Every year Jared's mom has a Christmas party where we make graham cracker houses, santa delivers a present to everyone, and we eat and open gifts. It was a lot of fun!

Emmett and London at the kids' table drinking something yummy and not eating any dinner.

This year Emmett just wanted to eat the candy off the houses and didn't quite understand it was just for decoration. Maybe next year.

These two are nine months apart and they love each other. They are so fun to watch.
Emmett calls her "Dondon"

Eli's first time with Santa and he was, of course, asleep.

Emmett is terrified like most 2 year olds are I guess.

These aren't from the party but oh well.

Eli almost 3 months old in this picture.

Emmett sat and watched this train go around Grandma Morris's tree. He eventually had to touch it and play with it.

MATER! Looks like he's about to eat Emmett's head.