Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More fun with Grandpa & Grandma August 2012

I asked Emmett where the cars were going and he said, "to the ferry boat."

There's usually some kind of a digger nearby for them to check out.

Huckleberry picking time!

Emmett kept eating them on our way back.

A lot of fresh air in the mountains wore these two right out.

Always lots of candy at the BL County fair parade.

Ramona had me come help pick her mom's raspberries while she was out of town.  I was able to make some raspberry huckleberry jam when I got home!

Exploring the ice caves.

Visited the stinky animals at the fair.

He couldn't quite walk so he loved pushing this dump truck around the yard.

Attempting to take some one year pics of this cute baby boy.

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